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Telehealth And Online Therapy

Online counselling

The option to obtain mental health care online can provide a port of entry for patients who have never sought treatment from a therapist because of a variety of barriers - including concerns about attending a clinic. And research has shown that remote mental health care, also known as telepsychology or teletherapy, is effective.

Online Therapy For Your Convenience 

Telehealth and online therapy services provide your child, partner or family with access to counselling services from the comfort of their own homes. They are effective and safe. Our psychologists have extensive experience providing online therapy and counselling, so you are likely to experience mixed emotions when considering using telehealth services. The effectiveness of online telehealth is comparable to the effectiveness of face-to-face sessions.

  • ·Offering weeknight appointments and after-hours appointments across Australia

  • Telehealth allows you to access care from anywhere at any time, at your convenience. Visiting the clinic is not necessary!

  • ·Provide a more inclusive environment for parents, carers, and schools.

  • Attendees have access to real-time sessions from anywhere

  • Easy to use, secure, safe, and confidential.

  • In order to maintain access to essential mental health services, telehealth is available to both new and ongoing clients.

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